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The initial cost to send a ounce letter was.
Twains encounter with the Pony Express he probably saw one rider took all of two minutes.
He never let the facts get in the way of anything he wrote.Thus, their enterprise not only failed to make a profit, but also incurred a significant loss of more than 200,000.Charging rates as following established and complete legal procedures high as 15 for delivery of a single item, the Pony Express, while attractive to the general public, was almost invariably a prerogative of the very well-off.The Pony Express: Riders of Destiny.He is often credited with being the first rider to head west out.The trail traveled over the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and finally to California.
While lasting praise is due the faithful station men who, in their isolation, so often bore the murderous attacks of Indians and bandits, it is, perhaps, to the riders that the seeker of romance is most likely to turn.Baughn was afterward hanged for murder at Seneca, Kansas but his services to the.After a chase of several miles, he forced the fellow so hard that he abandoned the stolen animal at a place called Loup Fork, and sneaked away.The companys mail service across America in 18 became known as the Pony Express, a legend in its own time.At the height of its business it had over 400 horses and around 180 riders.