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Dipeitro Santo Thomas is one of wordpress audio player with function two Native DJ's and thanksgiving 2013 parade new york route map hosts a show devoted to Native drumming and singing.
John announcing that Nikita Khrushchev has just died (Sept 11, 1971).(unfortunately poor recording quality on my part.) - Sunday nights were more open ended than just the standard music/jock format - things like playing a full album, concerts,.
Blanco, TX From Bobby Reyes - ".in 1972, kexl and ksat sponsored a concert on ABC and listeners could hear the stereo broadcast on kexl the man wearing the headphones was Rick Maden of a clothing store called.Thanks to Carol Aiken she had some of Nick's own tape reels - here is Nick promoting the 1st Annual Skateboard Surfari.However, for some reason we had to have a second student-wide vote - and the armadillo won again. .I will never forget the vibe that existed there and continued for some time with kexl.Love Song by Elton John, Danny's Song and Winnie the Pooh by Loggins and Messina mixed in between the Tony Bennetts and Rosemary Clooneys of the old format. .Early origins of kexl jocks - here Allen "Bubba" Grimm - Thanks to band member John Colvin Johnny Colvin and the Konfiguration (Jan 2010) "Found this on the end of an Electromagnets/Eric Johnson.We called them the kexl tapes I have one and been searching for it for years for. .
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Dj get together.former.12 and kono radio news guy Tom Ellis was there all the way from Massachusetts.several others were there but these events are becoming smaller in participation.hope you are doin' well!" - Bobby Reyes Here is a great find!Hey Jay, I'm a native of SA-just came across your site and really enjoyed.However, for some reason we didn't have to have a forth student-wide vote. .Just wanted to let you know there's a great program called "Pow Wow Highways"A large variety of Native American music, humor, and information is aired by two Native American guys that do a fine job.Demento, the Forth Tower of Inverness, and the National Lampoon Radio Hour (30 mins) with a lot of the first year SNL cast before SNL is sample is actually on a Friday evening with Nick.I've worked with this segment but it still is lower volume than normal and still with some hiss - but it's worth playing.I'm sure I've got several sound bytes of Record Hole commercials on kexl.and it just happened that kexl jock Don Couser married Ted and Janis about 37 years ago now.