reflexive and intensive pronouns ppt

We bought ourselves pretzels at the fair.
The president himself appeared at the rally.
In a sentence with a reflexive pronoun, the action of the verb returns to the subject.
11, reflexive and intensive, i bought (me, myself) a book about Paul Bunyan.1, reflexive and Intensive flv player terbaru 2013 gratis Pronouns 2, essential Question What is the difference between Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns?Verb Moods- Lesson plus,.A.T.Included in this bundle:PowerPoints, Worksheets, Activities and Lesson plans (featuring Essential Questions, Activating Strategies, Content Standards addressed, Teaching Strategies and Exit Tickets) on the following products: Intensive Pronouns: This is Intense!A reflexive pronoun is essential to the sentence and cannot be deleted.The students bought (theirselves, themselves) a copy of the tales.Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.Volume needs to be turned up quite high to listen to the audio.A reflexive pronoun ends with - self or - selves and refers to the subject of a sentence.
Teaching Strategies, special Education, the High, lesson Plans.Classroom Resources, teacher Resources, exit Tickets, essential Questions.The High School Bundle- Language Arts Lessons, PPTs More.Fixing Vague Pronouns 6th grade Common Core Standard.1.d.Lesson, PPT, Worksheets, plus.You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics.12, reflexive and intensive, paul Bunyan (he, himself) has a good sense of humor.