restore database sql server 2000 from device

Feature ID value appears in trace events as the ObjectId.
Vardecimal storage format is deprecated.
Index view select list without count_BIG 2 Transact-SQL The indirect application of table hints to an chicka chicka boom boom anniversary edition bill martin jr invocation of a multi-statement table-valued function (TVF) through a view.
Sp_srvrolepermission sp_dbfixedrolepermission 61 60 Security grant ALL deny ALL revoke ALL grant, deny, and revoke specific permissions.Ansi_nulls, ansi_padding and concat_nulls_yields_null will always be set.Deprecated hash algorithm High availability database mirroring Always On availability groups If your edition of SQL Server does not support Always On availability groups, use log shipping.Sp_configure 'remote proc trans' 37 Linked servers Specifying the sqloledb provider for linked servers.These features are scheduled to be removed in a future release of SQL Server.USE master; GO - 2) kick all other users out: alter database billing SET single_user with rollback immediate; GO - 3) prevent sessions from re-establishing connection: alter database billing SET offline; 3) Next, in Management Studio, rt click Databases in Object Explorer, choose "Restore Database".Use the Windows start /high program.Backup database or LOG with mediapassword 104 103, compatibility levels, upgrade from version 110 ( SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2).Do super badminton 2010 game pc not use DB-Library or Embedded SQL to develop new applications.
Keep this query window open until you are all done!
Use a default instead.Category Deprecated feature Replacement Feature name Feature ID Compatibility levels sp_dbcmptlevel alter database SET compatibility_level.Sp_configure 'allow updates' 173 Instance options sp_configure options: 'locks' game hecquyn cho win 7 'open objects' 'set working set size' Now automatically configured.We recommend that you upgrade your applications to use catalog views.Greg, who serves as the m Backup and Recovery expert, welcomes your questions.