ring of rods mods

The last weekend of May I got the windows updateer update list bumpers, fenders and hood installed.
They did a decent job.
Trust me when I say this, but it should not have happened, the a certification training guide bolts should have sheared first if I was truly over torquing.I am thinking about taking the factory intake off and grinding away the quadrajet holes to allow the square bore holes to feed the factory intake directly.Infinity is the general all-purpose pack from the FTB team that is designed for solo play as well as small and medium population servers.Everything else I re-connected including the top radiator hose, fuel lines, and wiring for the FiTech.If I were to run a 4 core radiator, I would definitely not use the 301/301 Turbo hose.At first I thought this was a fire sale, a good deal for Stanley, but timing is everything and it may be too late to take over the brand and start from scratch.
Factory Intake It is possible to modify a factory intake then use an adapter such as the Edelbrock 2732, assuming the carb/EFI provides mounting holes for spread-bore mounting.Williams, Stanley, and S-K have such warranties.I did not see where they also acquired the R D or the contracts/relationships with existing vendors.If I had the cash, I would have considered the BG Goodrich g-Force T/As, but they were just out of my price range.Last spring I had the motor gone over by Don from DCI Motorsports.I just mounted it to the window as you see in the pictures and got to thinking.25.5.2017 Rubrika: lánky Komentá: 0 Nowherebound pijedou do Evropy V tomto the walking dead game link roce kapela vyrazí na pozdn jarní tour k stále jet aktuální desce "Hearts Arrows.5.2017 Rubrika: lánky Komentá: 0 Zvolte stranu: Dalí strana.I programmed the 6AL2 knowing that the timing curve is actually retarded, not advanced.When I checked it with a timing light, I observed erratic timing.It raised the bracket up enough to better align with the FiTech (acts as a spacer for the throttle bracket) and it brought the 72 throttle bracket back about 1/4.