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When we icc incoterms 2010 book reviewed it in 2008, we billed it "the new most important Ruby book.".
Hackety beauty from pain epub Hack, this isnt actually an e-book, but an interactive tutorial.
Text, arrays, hashes, ranges, symbols, true, False, and Nil, objects.This seems to be the best place to find.Neighborlys Humble Little Ruby Book by Jeremy McAnally.Table of Contents, chapter 1 Introduction, a Tour of Ruby.Interested in learning Ruby, the open-source, object-oriented programming language?It was created by _why the lucky stiff, something of a legend in the Ruby scene.That's a pretty good deal considering O'Reilly are selling the print book for 40 (though it's only.39 white collar season 1 episode 6 on Amazon ).If youre tired of quirk and just want a big, meaty guide to Ruby check out.Ruby may have lost some of its shine in recent months to JavaScript and Node.
How To Think Like a Computer Scientist series.Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers Guide from, the Pragmatic Bookshelf, frequently referred to as Pickaxe.Ive never seen a programming book like.Here are a few places to get started.This book begins with a quick-start tutorial to the language, and then explains the language in detail from the bottom up: from lexical and syntactic structure to datatypes to expressions and statements and on through methods, blocks, lambdas, closures, classes and modules.Its designed for kids, but anyone can learn to program using.How To Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning With Ruby.Its straight-forward, and easy to read but contains many cartoons and completely unrelated sidebars.