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He knew Rhaegar well, and he likely knew what Rhaegar was doing when he kidnapped Lyanna, or at the very least he knew whether Lyanna was kidnapped or went with him willingly.
Actually, thats a pretty good idea.
Is it powerful enough?AND we could see a fresh new Spidey on screen, too!You bring up a good point about fantasy, in that the best fantasy has a set of rules, even if the audience doesnt know them, and doesnt break them.So yes, Barristan would added a great deal to the proceedings, but would have added too much, too soon.Whats the real difference between stopping at book two or book five?Seeing him somehow bend the knee to Jon Snow and becoming part of the fight against the White Walkers would be really satisfying on a lot of levels, I think.( Evan had a great piece on this very thing, by the way.) Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe still going, or has it been rebooted by then?Even though we know the result of their union was Jon Snow, the reason why Rhaegar kidnapped her, metal gear solid portable ops plus psp thus starting a chain of events that killed most of his family and ended their dynasty, is such an integral mystery that its going to need.
Ser Barristan once told Dany a similar story about her brother Rhaegar preferring singing in the street to killing.
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Will Sony, which still owns the character at the end of the day, even still be cooperating with Marvel in eight years?Yes, part of the reason the books are so good is because they were sprawling and complicated in the way life is, and yes, the show is 100 percent abandoning that.Do you think Marvel and Sony would even seriously consider going down that route?The reason I dont think the spear was poisoned is because the show didnt tell us it was poisoned.Over 100,000 HQ DivX TV Movies!And one part of that reality is medieval (and certainly ancient) nobilitys tendency toward incest, especially between uncles and niecesto the point where its got its own name, avunculate marriage.