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I happen to run mrtg and the collection scripts on a Windows.
Of course, this is specific to my LAN. .
"-f" given as an argument to any wview process binary will cause it to run in the foreground thus enabling use of gdb or other debugging tools.
Make backups of your config and data trees to somewhere safe - like your home directory.Check the wview logs for wvhttpd activity: Your archive interval determines how often wview will update your weather data to the Wunderground/Weatherforyou systems.Generic Tag Generation The template file prefix/etc/wview/html/x is provided as an example of how to obtain all data tags and values through file generation.The trick is to find what address it has been assigned by your wired or wireless router.The 365-day historical charts are generated using the daily average of archive records for the last 365 days.I used the serial over USB rather than the RS-232 for the Raspberry.
For example: Replace: restrict -4 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery With: # restrict -4 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery After changing nf, you need road racing car gamess to restart the ntp daemon: sudo /etc/init.
Serial Interface Problems If you see a log message similar to: daemonStartProcState: lat and long failed or periodic logs similar to: wakeupConsole: Read error!
Wview's ftp daemon no longer requires the tnftp utility.D Debian cp /etc/init.On the plot mrtg plot, you can see that the RPi was changed from kernel-mode PPS at 13:00 UTC and run for a short while with Internet servers alone, visible as the larger excursions on the plot above around 13:00).If it does not, go back to the beginning of shared key setup and double check your steps.I asked that question on the time-nuts list, and got this reply from Michael Tharp: "Linux modules are the same, although Linux modules almost always need to be compiled against the specific kernel version while Windows drivers are typically only bound to which release you're.Wview should just work.The improvement in going from Wi-Fi sync to PPS sync is obvious!You may be used to the idea of device drivers for Windows - those.SYS files - but what are "modules" in Linux and how do they relate to device drivers? .The program was developed by Folkert van Heusden, see: m/time/rpi_gpio_ntp/ and announced in the Time-Nuts mailing list.I did discover that disconnections a lead to a USB hub connected to that RPi seemed to improve things.