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Dcit 2016 67 m (Bom) (PDF 353 KB) traktor dj key lock 3/11/2016 - Consultancy services in the fields of exploration, mining and extraction are FTS and do not constitute a PE in India under India-Germany tax treaty - Rheinbraun Engineering Und Wasser GmbH.
MSV International Inc 2016 67 m 156 (Del) (PDF 317 KB) 2/26/2016 - cbdt clarifies on taxability of transaction of buyback of shares undertaken prior to cbdt Circular.
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"Statement before the Senate Committee on Finance".) 49 for the Section 409A on deferred compensation (the so-called Enron rules on deferred compensation to add teeth to the old rules) because regulations have not been finalized.Do the employer shared responsibility provisions apply to government entities?41469 of 2015) m (PDF 594 KB) - Mauritius signs the Multilateral Convention - Barbados, Belgium, Congo, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Kuwait, Kingdom of Lesotho, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Republic of Malta, Monaco, Oman, Qatar, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Sweden, UAE and the.In 1864 the rate was 5 on income between 600 and 5,000;.5 on income 5,00010,000; and 10 on income 10,000 and above.DIT (W.P (c).Dcit (ITA.6464/Del./2012) order dated m (PDF 283 KB) 7/07/2016 - Voluntary CSR expenditure are allowable as business expenditure - acit v Jindal Power Limited (IT appeal.And if the employer is part of an aggregated ALE group, the payment is calculated based only on the number of full-time employees of the particular ALE member."Daniel Werfel replaces Miller as acting IRS commissioner".This granted Congress the specific power to impose an income tax without regard to apportionment among the states by population.For this purpose, employers may apply a reasonable, good faith interpretation of the term seasonal worker and of the Department of Labors definition of the term seasonal worker. .
Generally, the employer shared responsibility provisions apply to an employer with employees (U.S.
Adit (ITA.5870/Del/2012) m (PDF 343.87 KB) 6/10/2016 - cbdt issues FAQs on newly introduced TCS provisions - Existing Section 206C(1D) of the Act provides TCS shall be applicable on sale of bullion exceeding two lakh rupees and jewellery exceeding five lakh rupees.
Liva Healthcare Limited (ITA.Appl.38021/2016, 41063/2016, 41235/2016 41236/2016, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.100/Kol/2011) m (PDF 349 KB) - Payments to foreign entities are not taxable as fees for technical services in view of MFN clause under India-Belgium tax treaty - ITO.Dcit (Special Civil Application.Employers with a certain level of common or related ownership are treated as a single employer for determining whether an employer is an ALE. .Archived from the original on May 5, 2007.675(E)dated (PDF 303 KB) 3/8/2016 - cbdt clarifies on taxability of consortium members in the case of EPC contracts and turnkey projects - cbdt Circular.