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(Grades 3-5) 05/17/2006 Step and Spell This spelling "active-ity" reinforces students' awareness of the computer keyboard.
(Grades 6-12) Cutting Costs With Coupons Clip newspaper food coupons, add up the savings.Compare prices of goods today and 100 years ago.(Grades snake eating fruit game 4-8) Synonyms in the News Use synonyms to rewrite news headlines and articles.(Grades 3-8) 07/25/2007 Book Report bingo Book Report bingo offers a variety of book report approaches.(A Sequencing Activity) Adapt this "sequencing" reading lesson to all subjects.(Grades 4-12) 04/14/2006 Civil War Slang Explore slang words and phrases used during the Civil War.(Grades K-12) History 6/02/2008 "Photograph Math" Word Problems Students write their own problems and stage photos to illustrate them.
2.14.1 Released 2017/01/17 Bug fixes Update installer to fix dependency for ards.Everyone says this, but our service *really* is simple and quick to use.Fix Map just upcoming reminders for recurring appointments, ticket #398.(Grades K-12) Incredible Shrinking Notes A fun 3-step process helps students "boil down" note taking.(Grades K-8) 8/13/2008 Then and Now Compare, contrast current and historical maps of your community.This activity helps students put one minute in perspective.(Grades 3-12) 01/15/2010 Anticipation Guides Improve Reading Comprehension Use anticipation guides to help your students focus on content-area game angry bird jar touch reading assignments.(Grades 3-12) 4/08/2008 Civil War Photos Tell a Story Write a story about cd hack for cs 1.6 steam one of Matthew Bradys Civil War photographs.