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50 fucking minutes of this shit!" Creator Cameo : In Freak Out 2, the teenage designer puts his own picture in the game.
A Cappella : When a bug in Catland Pounland Wars 4 causes the player's falling death to loop repeatedly, Lowtax improvises an electronic beat over it before he and Shmorky sing the grammatically bizarre Game Over message.
Singing certain things to the tune of the DuckTales theme song, usually if they involve houses and/or ghosts.Wall of Text : The dialogue in Nintendo World 2 EX is ungodly drawn out ham and melodrama that serves no purpose given the otherwise simplistic subject matter."You know what I feel like doing today?You Make Me Sic : Both Lowtax and Shmorky will read everything as-is, pronouncing synei system utilities 1.51 portable spelling and grammar mistakes as if they were actual words, phrases and sentences for comic effect.Flat "What." : Lowtax's response during Cry of Fear when he is told that after reaching the subway train past the gateway that required three scattered fuses to unlock, he now has to go back to the gateway panel and bring the fuses to the.Next, the Egghead is going after the Master Emerald, which he will use to conquer the world.Characterization Marches On : Being plants vs zombies 2 game for pc new to the Let's Play medium, Lowtax was more hesitant and low-key in his dialogue and delivery, but within only a couple months became the ultra-snarky Large Ham we all know and love.A Winner Is You : Given the quality effort put into every other aspect of the titles.
Mind Screw : Unsurprising when one combines an outsider artist's publishing wet dream (YoYo Games) and a website highly versed in mining out said outsider art (Something Awful).
You may find them unpleasant.There's a reason fans prefer to think of them one of the non-human cartoon entities they draw.Survival Horror : A frequent target.Lowtax naturally skips through the vast majority of it as quickly as possible.TOT Comics' entries Catland Pounland Wars and the Smarty Lab gamesare littered with fast-moving and bullet sponging enemies that deliver rapid-fire Collision Damage from across the room.At least you can aim.Motif : The horror and sci-fi B-movie clips at the beginnings and ends of the newer videos.They later some of his confidence back, but their tone still remains rather shrill and harsh in the latest videos.TotalBiscuit and Lowtax breaking down and quitting the Nintendo Hard Nightmare on Elm Street Blood Days after approximately half an hour of dying to Pinhead.Nintendo Hard : See Fake Difficulty above.