skyrim unofficial hearthfire patch

(Bug #13767) A weapon rack in the bedroom wing of HF houses has been fixed so that items placed on it will not be displayed halfway up the wall.
Unofficial Hearthfire.(meshes_f, meshes_f) (Bug #13605) The temporary barrier tapes put up when choosing a new room to build had a bad texture for the tape that wouldn't display properly.(Bug #13651) c had unnecessary trace statements.Unofficial Dawnguard.This should put a stop to any further debug trace messages gate 2013 ece study material pdf for.(Bug #13685) c had unnecessary trace statements.(Bug #13683) was not properly sanity checking against empty follower refs before trying to add them to the no hire faction.Unofficial Skyrim.(Bug #12564) 23 more scripts have had their debug messages silenced.
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