soldier of fortune 2 save game

You only need to do this the first time, later it will use the correct FOV even after restarting the game.
You task is to free a collegue, a special agent from the head quaters.Search for the "toggleconsole" entry in the file.P cmdlist - Command list god - Invulnerability give all - Gives you everything noclip - Fly through anything notarget - Invisibility kill - Kills enemies pinkspider - Infinite power P That's all there is.The levels listed also go in order from beginning to end, so the top one is the opening sequence and the bottom is the end.Bind any desired key to that command.When the map loads, enter " sv_cheats 1 " and press Enter to enable cheat mode.SOF2 - Widescreen, FOV and HUD Fix to modyfikacja do gry, soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, której autorem jest, antonioR.
Toggles no clipping mode noclip, all weapons and ammo give all, spawn indicated item give item name, armor give armor, full ammunition for current weapons give ammo Health give health Stamina give stamina Infinite power pinkspider Disable enemy AI notarget Never get tired nofatigue List.
Find it, then right-click it and hit properties.Method 2: Display the console window and type " sv_cheats 1 " (case-sensitive) and press Enter.Note: Cheats may have to be re-activated after starting a new level.For instance, if you initially installed the game in your "sexygals" folder, it'd look like this: "C:sexygalsSoldier of Fortune IISoF2.exe" set com_multilingual 2 set sp_language 0 P Now, what you need to do here is add a bit to the end of this line.Find these lines (they probably won't be together seta r_customwidth "xxxx" seta r_customheight "xxxx change them to set your resolution.Shift ) and type in any of the following to initiate a cheat.HUD fix, go to (game install directory)base and copy and overwrite the 3 with the one provided in this fix.You need to load a map first by using the map or devmap command.The riginal FOV was 80, and in the edited file it is set to 95 which the original author recommended for 16:9 resolutions.