sort photos by metadata mac

In iPhoto on my computer, I have Events sorted newest to oldest, and it showed up that way on my iPad before the iOS.2.1 update.
Is there a better way for user to group/name/sort them by our definition?Photos Sort Order Not Synchronised Sine.2 Upgrade.Iptc or Exif fields it is possible to create very sophisticated workflows that just work automatically.So once the common fields are setup with the iptc Stationery Pad, the user doesnt have to really think about this anymore it just happens.ISortPhoto is a useful utility that solves these kind of problems quickly and easily.How do you think metadata will be important to photographers in the future?Information: iOS 4 View 3 Replies It It Impossible To Sort Photos On IPad Mar 25, 2011 How can I sort photos that are on my iPad?View 8 Replies Sort Photos On It?How does Photo Mechanic make it easier for a photographer to tag copyright and photo credit information into their files?I sync my library to iPad and folders are sorted right (by number of chapters.
Can you tell us about how metadata standards got their start?It's difficult to organize digital pictures when they are taken with different cameras by different people.Click the radio button for "Remove the following properties from this file and then check the "Date taken" box.This is the level of automation that is necessary to handle big events like Super Bowl.This is stupid, and not how I want.Click "OK" to make that window disappear, then "OK" to close out Properties and accept the changes.Is anyone else experience this problem?General : Sort Photos By Date (albums).Enjoy, and please let xbox 360 skyrim mods me know if this works for you!