studio one pro 2.5

I have been a customer of Sweet Water for a very long time even when I was working for Interstate music and they always come through.
By MT on November 4, 2016.In particular, the improvements to Studio One 2s advanced features, such as Comping, Folder Tracks, Track Transform, and Automation, as well as continued improvements to core chivalry the game beta workflow features such as drag-and-drop, reflect PreSonus commitment to excellence and attentiveness to user requests and needs.On July 29, 2017 5/5, solid as rock!Sporting an elegant single-window workspace with robust drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support, Studio One.5 Pro gives you more smart features aimed at making you a total creative beast.I use a newer Mac Laptop that's maxed out, and the two paired up are unbelievably reliable.By Kamon Simmons from Amarillo, Tx on March 27, 2016.
I haven't experienced any glitches, lock ups or crashes.
Having used version for a few days now, I can tell you that Presonus is probably going to be what most will call the new "standard" within the DAW world.The ability to freeze tracks also aides in keeping this from being a problem for most.It was quick, easy, and seemed to take fringe tv show glyph code special measure in focusing on "the little things" that make software usable for musicians.I really cant think of much to criticize about version 3 outside of maybe its "healthy" CPU requirements but I run it on an I5 windows 8 machine with 16gb of ram and it flies.And logic pro to this Daw because they bring from other Daw positives things by Anonymous on August 29, 2015 5/5, super Awesome!For example, you can drop a compressor on a drum bus, crank the ratio, and drop the threshold to squash the drums mercilessly, and then only mix that squashed sound 20 with the original, unprocessed sound.Thank you to my rep Stephen Opinheim.Presonus 2 and namely the.5 upgrade made a huge splash in the music making company and for good reason.