terrazzo floors cleaning products

3000 grit diamond pad, normal daily maintenance pad.
Twister White will remove tiny scratches from the surface and leaves a silky matte, cleaned and well prepared surface for the subsequent Twister steps.
For daily maintenance use Twister Green to maintain the floors shine and splendor.Twister White pad aggressively hones the floor removing most scratches including those caused by typical foot traffic.For many centuries, marble has been used on walls, floors, and counters in homes, business offices, and government buildings.A note regarding the colors of the Twister pads: Don't be surprised when you open the box of pads, the color of the Twister pads may not match what you see here.Order a 17" or 20" private practice season 3 episode 16 Starter Pack.All Twister pad sizes below 20" are a solid color,.e White, Yellow Green.Produces maintains a Wet Look shine.This unique cleaner does an exceptional job of managing surface dirt and oils, while maintaining a sheen on your terrazzo and polished concrete surfaces.Many of these terrazzo floor surfaces were covered up historically prior to the development of the restoration techniques marblelife uses today. .Sizes 20" and above have a color dot on the pad.
Twister White Pad, step 1 for the Standard or Intensive Twister method.
Matrix color - Color of the base portland or epoxy is analyzed and a comparable colored resin is formulated to minimize color difference.Necessary Accessories, page 1 of 1,.If using the Twister pad with a high speed burnisher ( rpm) the expected life of the pad is between 50,000 - 75,000 square feet per pad.It is a porous stone so that means liquids that get spilt on it will be absorbed by it or if acidic damage.Twister Green Pad, final step for the Standard or Intensive method and also for daily maintenance of the floor.Terrazzo tiles have been a popular flooring option for hundreds of years.Resistant to scratches and nonabsorbent, terrazzo is an ideal choice for countertops that receive the regular, daily wear and tear of home use.