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Whether youre planning to work with virtual sets or live backgrounds, this workshop will get you ready to shoot.
In this chapter well explore the various materials and technologies available so youll be able to make informed choices.
jeff Foster, the Green Screen Handbook.The contents of this course include: Overview of Keying/Matte Extraction Methods and Tools - In this chapter youll get an introduction to the subjects of color keying and matte extraction.Bring Reality and Fantasy Together with Cinematic Results If you want to make movies with green screen compositing technology, The Green Screen Handbook is just for you.Requirements: - Broadband internet connection - Up-to-date browser with Flash plug-in - Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher c vb net converter - Sound card with speakers or headphones attached - Pentium.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5 - 512 MB RAM rt1.rar rt2.rar rt3.rar rt1.rar rt2.rar.Planning the Shoot - In this chapter well look at a few things you should know about when planning your shoot.Pete Kuran goes behind the scenes to teach the processes of this popular film technique.In this chapter youll learn how light your green screen and how to make the proper adjustments using white balance, zebras, scopes, and more.
In the first course in his two-part series on green-screen (and blue-screen) tools and techniques, author, producer, and VFX Artist Jeff Foster covers the often-overlooked steps that lead up to shooting.
Whether the goal is to shoot a blue or green screen for compositing, or just to get familiar with terms and techniques, Blue and Green Screen Production Principles has the information needed.
Learn when to use green screens instead of blue, find out how the pros operate in professional studios, and get amazing resultseven on a shoestring budget.Language: English, duration: 1 hrs 45 min, file, file Size:.4Gb (Packed: 880Mb).Youll also learn when to use green screen or blue screen, how to light that screen, and how to measure light and set up your camera properly.Name: video2brain: Green Screen Workshop - The Setup.He introduced the concept of adding animated shadows and interactive light to objects to make them appear more dynamic.M - Blue Green Screen Production Principles.Proper Lighting and Camera Setup - The time you invest in setting up your lighting and camera before starting to shoot will reward you many times over.However, the better the original photography and setup, the better the matte extraction and composite will.This unique guide is a comprehensive howto of professional production techniques, stepbystep instruction, and tips that can save you time and money.Choosing Proper Green/Blue Screen Materials - If youre going to get the results you want from your green screen shoot, its vitally important that you choose the right materials.