the ultimate fighter season 16 episode 5

At the fight announcement, Pulver picks Diaz who then selects Emerson.
The two get into a verbal disagreement and almost come to blows before Pulver and the rest of the team break up the confrontation.
Andy Wang becomes personally involved in helping Melendez make weight.
Emerson replaced him against Hill.White has to decide the semifinal matches via phone conversation from England with Penn and Pulver.After the fight, the two call a truce and promise to settle the matter at the finale.Despite the pregame plan for Wang to use his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills to his advantage and to take down his opponent, the BJJ blackbelt stays on his feet to strike and is dominated.Coaches' Fight edit Main article: The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale The Ultimate Fighter: Team Pulver.With Thomas and Berube kicked off the show because of the fight and Gabe Ruediger kicked off because of missing weight and Andy Wang kicked off the team and sent to Team Pulver; this leaves Team Penn with only 4 fighters (Lauzon, Maynard, Wiman, and.Tournament Bracket edit Elimination Round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finale Cole Miller SUB Allen Berube 1 Cole Miller TKO Joe Lauzon 2 sonic riders gamecube iso Brian Geraghty SUB Joe Lauzon 1 Joe Lauzon UD Manny Gamburyan 3 Marlon Sims SUB Matt Wiman 1 Matt Wiman UD Manny Gamburyan 2 Manny.Please read the following before uploading.The pranks culminate in each fighter throwing the other's mattress into the pool and Miller getting "antiqued" (getting covered in baby powder after being drenched in water).Reagan Penn, jiu jitsu instructor, fighters edit Team Penn Gray Maynard, Matt Wiman, Gabe Ruediger, Joe Lauzon, Rob Emerson, Andy Wang, Allen Berube, Noah Thomas Team Pulver Corey Hill, Nate Diaz, Brandon Melendez, Marlon Sims, Manny Gamburyan, Cole Miller, Brian Geraghty, Wayne Weems Others edit.
White, on hearing word of the cancelled bout, makes known his displeasure for fighters that cannot make weight and promptly expels Ruediger from the house.
Jeremy Horn is brought in as Team Pulver's special guest coach.
After the fight, Hill reveals to his team that this was his first professional fight; he only had two amateur fights before.Teammate in the semifinals, only to later tell them the real matches will be Gamburyan against Lauzon and Nate Diaz.Team Penn Finale (also known as The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale ) was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on June 23, 2007.Pulver wins the best-of-three series, the cash and a thousand dollar bonus for each member of his team.White says that while neither fighter was impressive during the round, he believes Emerson won.Sims constantly annoys the other fighters by bragging about his street fights and calling himself "Mr.Pulver picks Gamburyan to fight Thomas instead.