total drama action episode 13

At the top of the hill, Courtney and the Grips use their feet as the wheels for their car.
This episode marks the first time a contestant debuts in the middle of a season.
Back at the vaults, Leshawna, still inside and concerned, begins wondering where her team.
So, they ask Owen to give a farewell speech.Chris then tells Courtney that, since she was the teller, she gets to choose who wins first prize, the money.Then, the action really heats up when somebody from the sidelines returns to the show due to a lawsuit.This marks the eighth bseb exam date sheet 2014 (and fifth in a row) and final time that cara game downhill untuk pc Screaming Gaffers won.This is also the first episode that the person with the second highest number of votes is eliminated zero hour episode 2 when the person with the highest number of votes has immunity.Leshawna tries to ease the tension by telling them not to act like that, or else they will all be going home soon.Unfortunately, the Gaffers' are already at the mysterious teller.Plot, owen is finally able to eat like "normal people".Leshawna is taken to the vault.Also, Courtney still has four wheels in her parts pile even though Owen had taken two.
As they pass the Gaffers, Courtney says that she knew she could win, even with a terrible team.
The Killer Grips try to free Owen.
Leshawna talks about her team in the vault.At the ceremony, Chris tells the castmates that, due to her recent return and her lawyer's contract, Courtney could not be voted out.When Owen is chasing Lindsay and Beth while balancing on car wheels he is running forward even though he'd have to run backwards to make the wheels go forward.Leshawna gets irritated with her teammates and leaves.She quickly gives it to the Gaffers, unaware that she just gave herself away as second prize to the Grips, which makes her angry.