unreal tournament 3 patch 2.0 ps3

Fixed bots sometimes not picking up flags/orbs they dropped.
Meanwhile, the patch adds Steam achievements for those playing on a Steam install, which any UT3 PC owner can have, and includes many major tweaks for the game.
Fixed servers not being added to history, when following a friend to a server.
Improved dynamic netspeed system based on player counts.Merged PC version script functionality to PS3 to improve mod compatibility for mods on PS3.Improved AI for using the Hellfire spma.Force occupied manta to rise if underwater.Improved spidermine herding with Avrils.Fixed Change Node Status Kismet action not working on fully constructed powernodes.Fixed spectators able to enter as extra players in Duel.Removed unnecessary profile saves, improved virtual dj pro full full version saving progress when player expects.
Fixed the client and server getting into a loop sending each other close messages in some situations."LinkSetup AutoEmptyOptions: The same as 'AutoStripOptions except these options are given an empty value on the URL (e.g.Map Specific - Fixed WAR-Avalanche terrain LOD popping issue on high end PCs.Configurable through new properties in i: - TotalNetBand (total upstream bandwidth to be apportioned) - MaxDynamicBand - MinDynamicBand - Fixed "you have lost the match" messages to spectators at end of duel match.Fixed boost exploit with Fury vehicle Fixed exploit to damage own core/nodes with rocket turret.This fixes single player breaking if the host selects the next mission before the clients have finished travelling to the mission selection level - Fixed extra copy of a character when a human player leaves a co-op game at the right time.When left blank, the game will attempt to set this automatically - MutatorVotePercentage: The percentage of votes required to enable or disable a mutator; percentages are only checked at endgame - Added kick voting; configuration options: - bAllowKickVoting: Enable/Disable kick voting - bAnonymousKickVoting: If true.