waris shah heer in punjabi book

Recently authorities have added some visitor comfort facilities to the overall complex.
Most likely the family had settled in the area during the reigns of Emperor Akbar or his son Emperor Jahangir.
More than any other winarchiver virtual drive 2.7 Sufiana Kalam, this is the poem that has eluded the traps of time to become entrenched in contemporary culture.Language, culture, language, punjabi, culture).The tragic love story of Heer and Ranjha became the source of many a kissa, a distinct Punjabi literary genre.Shah Mohammads nalini singh tangle of need pdf Jang Nama, a fine piece of poetry, describing the fall of Sikh rule is another landmark in Punjabi literature.Ali Haidar (1689-1776 one of his contemporaries, wrote a large number Si-harfis.Waris Shah wrote Heer Waris Shah in 1766.D.An outside road along the garden walls facilitates entrance from all four directions with theater side serving as the main entrance.
Hafiz Maqbal completed this task in 1747.D.
It includes beautiful description of all the events that took place in the story.
After Syed Waris Shah (R.A) many other poets have also written Heer.Jandiala Sher Khan is also the birth place.Located about fourteen kilometer northwest of Sheikhupura at the intersection of Sheikhupura-Vanike and Gujranwala-Chuharkana roads, the town is rather an unremarkable place.The period between 16 covers the entire middle Punjabi literature.He brought in a modern outlook in life and everything related to Punjabi.It has been written by many writers in different forms.It is the epic poem, or qissa, of this love story, completed in 1766, by the Sufi poet Waris Shah, that has captured the imagination of the Punjabis across the centuries.It contains lessons of morality.Waris Shah must have seen the fall of the Mughals and the ensuing anarchy; the rise of Durrani Afghans; and Sikha Shahi in Punjab as there are numerous references to the historic events of eighteenth century in his work.The folk tale is about a love story of Heer and Ranjha.