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WinOLS keeps you informed which every step.
Software WinOLS, based on experience gathered with the DOS version of the OLS software room on the broom activity book a new Windows based program has been developed which continues to provide the user interface that was introduced by its predecessor, so switching to the new version is made easy.
Open for other projects: WinOLS can import and export binary data, Intel- and Motorola-Hexfiles.
To change the data, different functions are available to edit the maps.Changes will be stored as version (the number of versions is not limited).Install, winOLS.721. .What else you need to know: WinOLS vs Swiftec.Even in real-time while the car is running.All data and maps are stored in project files.
The version over shows which maps are changed in which version.EditMultipleMaps: oneself as another pdf Further problems solved.91, new, differences dialog remained empty on first start.91, new, improved HiLo-Detection (odd/even).90, fixed, autosave-Request could appear to early.90, fixed, wrong highlight colors while connecting in some special cases.90, fixed, create map by double-clicking the pot map.Module Automatical maps recognition for Bosch Delphi DCM/CRD, etabs 2015 with crack Denso, Lucas Trucks, Marelli MJD, Motorola EMS/memsnnn, Siemens MSD80/SID/SIM2K/PCR/PPD, Temic Trucks ECUs.Scripts for pros: If you work with similar cars, you can store the changes as scripts.OLS502-pack20, winOLS software newcomer* version 1 20, oLS502-pack20 Upgrade, upgrade from OLS502-pack20 to OLS501-pack20 1, oLS501, winOLS software full version 2, oLS501-pack20, winOLS packet 2 20, oLS501-pack50, winOLS packet 2 50, oLS501-Licence, additional license for OLS501 1, comparison of the WinOLS versions: Feature.Its a customer share of latest version WinOLS.24 car ECU tuning software.For information about this product please consult its product page.Support for the latest hardware such as BDM 100, BSL100 and OLS300, as well as old hardware simulator module OLS200 and Eprom Programmer MP2440 (P) on Windows XP - Win7-32.Digital signatures as watermarks, you can sign your projects with tiny changes in the data to recognize copies.Other information, such as customer name, car number, and image files can be added.