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Burgers AND sandwiches, iTEM, points, pointsPlus, big Mac.
Cal 520, Fat 26, Carbs office 2010 full crack 32bit fshare 42, Fib 3, Prot 29, bacon Clubhouse Burger 17 19, cal 720, Fat 40, Carbs 52, Fib 3, Prot 38 Quarter Pounder Bacon Habanero Ranch 14 16 Cal 610, Fat 31, Carbs 47, Fib 3, Prot 36 QUarter Pounder Bacon.
Click here to view the benjamin graham security analysis pdf information in a PDF file if you do not have javascript enabled.So be sure to use the columns below that match the weight loss plan you are currently following.SFat Saturated Fat(g fib Dietary Fiber(g pro Protein(g).Click here for historical points information for McDonalds.Org Pts Original WW Points, cal Calories(kCal tFat Total Fat(g.WeightGain after Menopause Gaining weight during the stages of menopause is not uncommon.
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Nutrition Key: SPts Smart Points, pts Points Plus.
Sandwiches, iTEM, points, pointsPlus, hamburger 5 7, cal 250, Fat 9, Carbs 31, Fib 2, Prot 12, cheeseburger.This includes a link to a PDF file with the restaurant points information.If you are not a WW member, then use the McDonald's nutrition information also available on this page.This list was accurate as of 12/2010.For the latest information for this restaurant, please find the link for this restaurant on the sites main restaurant index.You will not be able to see the data below or use the interactive features unless javascript is enabled.