wwe extreme rules 2013 results predictions

Kingston again has a arsenal 3 west ham 1 player ratings transitional title reign to move the belt from Antonio Cesaro, who WWE has apparently dubbed boring, onto the up and coming Ambrose.
This match started as fallout from Wrestlemania: Mark attacking Sheamus backstage on the Channel.
Having parties to celebrate the absence of Lesnar/Hunter matches for the rest of eternity. Unless somebody was going for a metatextual commentary on the Punk/Cena feud when Ryback laid out Cena with a Pepsi sign. Credit for the inventive spot of Sheamus touching the corners whilst running around the apron, which is something that we have never seen before. No doubt the long-term goal for the company is to establish Roman Big Dave Reigns as the genuine superstar of the bunch, yet he needs more time to develop as a singles wrestler. For a limited wrestler like Ryback, it allows him to hit his big, powerful moves and await the count like a true heel rather than having to maintain lengthy sequences.Interesting point made by Heyman though in the build up Lesnars 2 losses have come when there have been steel steps involved, in a Steel Cage match, there are no steps.Used to call me baby.Also, last man standing?Fandango (Singles match) Parker: Fandango really needs to find his pacing as a performer and Y2J can help him. It is baffling how scared they appear to be to put people over cleanly and strongly.Im guessing some Cena/Batista duck-tape shenanigans though.
As such, this match is now a rematch from Wrestlemania, without a belt on the line, but instead its an I Quit Match.
Money management ade, Forex margin call explained - m ml learn what a margin call is in forex trading and watch how quickly you. Its a curiously profitable limbo, which speaks volumes of modern day WWE booking. Probably well wind up with a flimsy explanation on Raw, leading to a rematch at the Payback PPV on 16 June. Sadly, most everything before and after that was plodding and repetitive.Tag Team Championship, team Hell No vs The Shield.The Patriot lock versus the Armbar.Del Rio, dillon: Del Rio, jon: Del Rio (the safe pick).Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger.I really hope this is a better match than WrestleMania, and I wonder what happens to each of them after.